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Stacking Steps - P-STA-2


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The Stacking Steps are self-assembly platforms that assist bodily movement.


The Stacking Steps are flat-pack, self-assembly platforms that can be put together in a choice of three heights to suit most situations. They have proved to be a valuable resource in a variety of indoor and outdoor activity sessions which require independent movement over short distances.


Stacking Steps Pack Contents:

1 x Dismantling Tool
1 x Stacking Steps - Carrying Straps
1 x Short Step:
* 1 x Platform
* 4 x Short Legs
* 1 x Leg attaching Beal cord
1 x Medium Step:
* 1 x Platform * 2 x Leashed Medium Legs (Green Tabs)
* 2 x Leashed Medium Legs (Red Tabs)
1 x ML Tuff Stuff Sac (Yellow Cord) - For legs only

Stacking Steps Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 9.4
¥ Length (cm): 56
¥ Width (cm): 13
¥ Height (cm): 56
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Stacking Steps is part of the Independent Movement range and is included in the following bundles:
Independent Movement, Assisted Movement, Field Living

Commonly Used With the Stacking Steps In Climbing and High Ropes Activities:

Commonly Used With the Stacking Steps In Information & Storage:

Commonly Used With the Stacking Steps In Water Based Activities:
Aquabac-Adult - P-AQB-2-ADULT, Aquabac-Youth - P-AQB-1-YOUTH, Slide Board (Medium) - P-SBM-2, Slide and Glide Sheets - P-GLI-2, Slide Board Medium - P-SBM-3.5, Aquabac-Adult - P-AQB-2.5-ADULT

Commonly Used With the Stacking Steps In Archery:

Stacking Steps Warnings & Conformities:

Stacking Steps Product Type:
misuse may result in death or serious injury. PPE designed to protect against mortal danger or against dangers that may seriously or irreversibly harm health, the immediate effects of which the designer assumes the user cannot identify in sufficient time.

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