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Disability and Individual Learning Needs Policy

Equal Adventure is fully committed to meeting the requirements of the Equality Act (2010) and aims to provide a culture and environment that promotes inclusive learning.
Equal Adventure will conduct its affairs at all times in a manner that is consistent with this aim.
Equal Adventure is proactive in encouraging learners with individual needs to disclose their needs on its application form, so that it may work with the individual to provide support for successful completion of the course and qualification (where relevant).
Equal Adventure will encourage all staff to highlight to students the benefit of disclosing a disability or individual learning need, stressing confidentiality.
Students with individual learning needs are asked to provide their tutor with any information that will assist in their successful and enjoyable participation on Equal Adventure courses, including suggestions on how learning needs can best be met. Information will be shared with tutors/assessors involved with the student’s progress through the course and assessment (where relevant) and will remain confidential within Equal Adventure.
In order to accommodate learners with individual needs, Equal Adventure will:

  1. only use accessible venues produce accessible electronic versions of all course materials supply application forms and all course materials in large print/different colours,
  2. according to guidelines provided by the RNIB
  3. ensure that individual learning needs are met within the classroom
  4. provide different/alternative assessment methods, including additional time for theory
  5. papers and use of non­disabled demonstrators for practical assessments

Equal Adventure will treat seriously any breaches of this policy and all instances of actual, or alleged inappropriate behaviour will be fully investigated. Staff found to be responsible will be subject to disciplinary procedures.