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EA Inclusion Seminar

The Equal Adventure Inclusion Seminar, endorsed by IOL, is a one day dynamic, highly interactive training event for anyone working in, or with an interest in disability and inclusion in outdoor adventure.


The EA Inclusion Seminar is a one day starter course that provides Module 1 in the morning and an Introduction to Inclusive Equipment and Resources in the afternoon. Each and every Seminar is unique, as each is tailored to the requirements of the participants. As such, it provides an ideal opportunity to learn about inclusion, and how to best focus spending on equipment and resources. It also provides the opportunity for new staff to a facility that already uses EA equipment, to receive face-to-face training in its use from the experts.

Experience Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. Module 1 is open to all-comers and it should be viewed as an ‘introduction’ to inclusion, equipment and resources.

Seminar Content

The day is split into two halves.

The morning is spent completing Module 1 of EA’s training. This includes sessions on communication, function and approach, all within a positive framework. Module 1 is endorsed by IOL.

During the afternoon, inclusive equipment and resources are investigated, and through a delegate-centred approach, each individual is supported in the creation of an action plan for use within their own organisation and/or work setting.