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Equal Adventure Training Health and Safety Policy

Equal Adventure is fully committed to matters concerning the health and safety of its staff and students.

In all instances of working in a new environment, a Risk Assessment should be carried out that follows the HSE five­-step risk assessment process:

Step 1 – Identify hazards or dangers

Step 2 – Identify who might be harmed and how

Step 3 – Assess the risk

Step 4 – Record the findings

Step 5 – Review the assessment periodically and revise precautions as required

Should a significant risk be identified:

  1.  Immediate action must be taken to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.
  2.  Where an acceptable level of risk cannot be achieved immediately, the course tutor must:
    1.  remove students from the area
    2. contact a member of Equal Adventure management to seek a suitable action, that might include cancellation of the day.

Equal Adventure will support all staff in their prioritisation of safety.

Equal Adventure will treat seriously any breaches of this policy and all instances of actual, or alleged, inappropriate behaviour will be fully investigated. Staff found to be responsible will be subject to disciplinary procedures. Students found to be responsible will be refused any further association with Equal Adventure.

In order to achieve effective implementation of this policy, Equal Adventure will ensure that this policy statement is brought to the attention of all employees and students.