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Aquabac (Youth) - P-AQB-1-YOUTH

£793.20 (Inc VAT)

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The Aquabac is a postural support system, particularly suited to watersports. It is designed specifically for people who require additional support when seated.


The Aquabac is a postural support system that is designed specifically for people who require assistance with seated balance. The Aquabac is ideally suited to watersports, offering a high degree of security, support and padding during activity. It has a bilateral quick release system for the user. It is an effective solution, whether for sitting straight in a canoe, kayak, or boat, or maintaining comfort during extended activity. The Aquabac is hugely versatile and can be adapted for use in a variety of adventure activities. The A-Aquabac is purposely designed for adults. Through consultation, the Aquabac has been successfully tailored to meet very specific individual needs in a wide range of adventure activities for over 15 years.


Aquabac (Youth) Pack Contents:

Base Board Set (Y):
- 4 x Strut Strap (A/Y)
- 2 x Wooden Strut (Y)
- 1 x Base Board (Y)

Aquabac Harness (Y):
- 1 x Yellow Central Release Strap (Y)
- 1 x Yellow 5th Point Pad (Y)
- 1 x 5th Point Black Adjusting Brace (Yellow Stiffened Loop) (Y)
- 1 x 5th Point Stiffener (Y)
- 1 x Over-Shoulder Brace (Red Tab) (Y)
- 1 x Over-Shoulder Brace (Green Tab) (Y)
- 2 x Over-Shoulder Padded Adjusting Strap (Y)
- 2 x Black Lap Straps (Yellow Tabs) (Y)

Aquabac Support (Y):
- 1 x Right Side Wedge (Green Toggle) (Y)
- 1 x Left Side Wedge (Red Toggle) (Y)
- 1 x Elastic Comfort Pad Retainer (Y)
- 1 x Full Length Comfort Pad (Y)
- 1 x Under Thigh Roll (Y)
- 1 x Seat Pad (A/Y)
- 1 x Base Stiffener (Y)
- 1 x Guide Release Handle (Y)
- 1 x Y-Aquabac Body
- 2 x Short Rod (Y)
- 2 x Long Rod (Y)

1 x XLS Tuff Stuff Sac 3.0 (Green Cord)

Aquabac (Youth) Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 6.15
¥ Length (cm): 52
¥ Width (cm): 15
¥ Height (cm): 47
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Aquabac (Youth) is part of these ranges: 1.4-Trunk and Postural Support-TPS 1.41-Seating Options Trunk & Postural Support-TPS

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