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Image of Boma 7.5 Standard Seat

EA All Terrain

Boma 7.5 Standard Seat - P-STS-1

£1,285.80 (Inc VAT)

Please note that the above price is including VAT.

Price Excluding VAT: £1071.50

The standard seating system for Boma, including the seat itself, seatbelt and back cushion.


The metal frame and seat belts. A replacement seat to replace a worn or damaged item. A new seat will give the support and comfort required to enable the user to ride longer. It also includes a seat cover to the base and back onto which you will put your own cushioning. This is essential on your Boma.


Boma 7.5 Standard Seat Pack Contents:

EA Seat Frame:
- 1 x Seat Base
- 1 x Seat Back
- 2 x Seat Adjust Plate

EA Seat Fabric:
- 1 x EA Seat Base Cover
- 1 x Seat Cover Back
- 1 x Seat Cover Front

EA Seat Belt:
- 1 x Cable Strap Red
- 1 x Seat Belt
- 1 x Seat Mount (Buckle)
- 1 x Seat Mount (Belt)

Boma 7.5 Standard Seat Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 2
¥ Length (cm): 50
¥ Width (cm): 45
¥ Height (cm): 15
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Boma 7.5 Standard Seat is part of these ranges: 1.41 - All Terrain - Seating Options Trunk & Postural Support - TPS

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