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EA All Terrain

Boma Seat Belt Upgrade - P-SBU-1

£195.00 (Inc VAT)

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Price Excluding VAT: £162.50

An upgrade for the Boma 7 that allows for the addition of an inhibited seat belt assembly, enabling the Boma 7 to meet current standards.


This is a part of the boma 7.75 handlebar or joystick electrical system and it a spare that can be used with either the control system to replace or upgrade existing seat belt upgrade. Boma 7 owners both organisational and individuals. Can be fitted by competent persons by inserting the mounting points into the hinges of the Boma 7+ standard seats, if your Boma has spoked seats, contact EA for guidance and support. It has got a mounting point, quick release and padlock and the electrical connect acts as a inhibit feature which is plugged in to the 7.75 control system. Use this component to make your Boma riding safer. Designed to be EA Mobility standard.


Boma Seat Belt Upgrade Pack Contents:

Seat Belt Up Grade:
- 1 x Seat Belt
- 1 x Seat Mount (Belt)
- 1 x Seat Mount (Buckle)
- 1 x Boma Pad Lock

Boma Seat Belt Upgrade Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 0.95
¥ Length (cm): 17
¥ Width (cm): 13
¥ Height (cm): 7
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Boma Seat Belt Upgrade is part of these ranges: 1.92 - Electrics System (Mechanical Movement) - MCM

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