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Inclusion Planning Bundle - BUN-IPL-1

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The Inclusion Planning Bundle is a group of services provided by Equal Adventure which allows for an extended plan and vision so that an organisation can develop its adaptive capacity.


The Inclusion Planning Bundle is a group of services provided by Equal Adventure which provides a start point for an organisation to maximise their current resources, activities and staff. It will extend the vision for adaptive capacity and achieve consensus on developmental priorities. The Inclusion Health Check is an online tool which allows an organisation to assess their current adaptive capability. The Equal Adventure Inclusion Seminar, endorsed by IOL, is a one day dynamic, highly interactive training event for up to 12 staff members. The Walk and Talk Audit is an assessment of a single facility and will highlight opportunities to maximise inclusion. The Activity Inclusion Assessment reviews the accessibility of a centre's or organisation's activities. The Training Needs Analysis assesses the personal development required within an organisation to maximise inclusion. The Inclusion Planning Bundle is concluded by the one day Inclusion Planning Workshop. This is a focussed discussion drawing on the previous assessments and is designed to allow centres to produce holistic reviews and a strategic development plan which targets adaptive capacity.


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