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K9 Foot Pad - P-KFP-1

£173.40 (Inc VAT)

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Price Excluding VAT: £144.50

Fits onto the Zebra Foot Rest, to provide bespoke padding for the user. To be used in conjunction with Flamingos.


This is a foot support system for the Zebra Foot rest that is often used on the Boma All Terrain vehicle or in waterpsorts. The pads attach to the Zebra foot res and can be adjusted by removing the pads which are inside the pocket while the foot rest is not attached to the zebra to allow individuals to adujust their foot support and leg lenght to gain the best active posture possible.


K9 Foot Pad Pack Contents:

Foot Rest and Pad:
- 1 x Foot Rest Cover
- 1 x Foot Pad
- 1 x Foot Rest Stiffener

Foot Rest Adjustment:
- 2 x Foot Rest Soft Beans
- 4 x Foot Rest Adjustable Pad

K9 Foot Pad Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 0.4
¥ Length (cm): 30
¥ Width (cm): 35
¥ Height (cm): 10
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The K9 Foot Pad is part of these ranges: 1.42 - Foot and Leg Support Trunk & Postural Support - TPS

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