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EA Bundles Explianed

Equal Adventure has created bundled equipment in sets to help you in making the decision about what will be best for your centre, club or organisation.  We hope that these help you with your planning and even your fund-raising.

Bundles of equipment that have been specifically designed to cover the needs of adventure centres whose aim is to maximise their level of inclusion, to create meaningful participation for both disabled and non-disabled people.

Bundles comes with their own storage system, providing a grab and go solution so that you can make best use of your preparation time no matter how short and to help you and your organisation share your inclusive resources and manage them in the long term.

Equal Adventure recognises that equipment is not the full solution to providing inclusive access.  In addition to the equipment, Equal Adventure is pleased to offer a ‘walk and talk’ facility access audit and staff training. It is suggested that the access audit be completed with a senior member of staff from your organisation so that any recommendations can be fully discussed. Read more...



Each Bundle is not a single solution to the activity being undertaken. Professional Judgement and Decision Making is essential to create considered, safe and fun inclusive activities and opportunities. Use of equipment from a bundle should be done using appropriate planning based on current situational awareness and should balance the requirements of the individual, the group and co-workers in conjunction with the current organisational operating procedures and work instructions.

Each product should be considered part of a system and should aim to support the provision of quality, safe experiences that build on available capacity and aim to reduce interference which hinder performance. Equal Adventure encourages a positive-asset based approach where individuals are encouraged and supported to do what they can with what they have. With appropriate judgement and decision selecting and assembling combinations of products from bundles enables ACTIVITIES to be undertaken in a particular ENVIRONMENT with the aim of supporting PERFORMANCE, measured with metric from smiles to podium places, in a way which is considerate to the PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of the performer and their dignity, comfort, control and capacity.