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Boma Joystick Centre or Organisation Bundle - BUN-BJCO-1

£18,794.18 (Inc VAT)

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Price Excluding VAT: £15661.82

The Boma 7.5 Joystick for Organisations is specified to meet the needs of outdoor centres and hire centres where the chair must quickly adapt for the requirements of multiple users. Suitable for All individuals.


Boma 7.5 Joystick for Organisations is the most adaptable and accessible All Terrain wheelchair available for outdoor centres and hire centres. The handlebar control system is suitable for individuals with postural balance and good arm function. Control of the chair is through an intuitive power chair joystick which can be mounted on either right of the seat. The Boma 7.5 Joystick includes a quick release and position adjustable armrests which provide better positioning and support for the rider. The chair also features a 4 point harness and leg/knee positioning straps for added security and confidence. The Boma 7.5 for Organisations features the Zebra, fully adjustable foot rest and leg support system allowing the Boma to quickly adapt to different age/size riders.


Boma Joystick Centre or Organisation Bundle Pack Contents:

* 1 x Boma 7.5 Standard Seat - P-STS-1
* 1 x Boma 7.5 J2 Seat Cushion - P-SCN-1
* 1 x Zebra Adjustable Foot Rest and Leg Support System - P-ZAS-1
* 1 x Four Point Support Harness - Boma All Terrain - P-FPSH-1
* 2 x Adjustable Gutter Arm Rest - P-AGA-1
* 1 x Arm Rest To Joystick Fixing - P-ARJ-1
* 1 x Boma Rolling Chassis - P-BOM-RC-7.5
* 1 x Boma Joystick 7.5 Electrical System - P-JSE-7.5
* 1 x Boma 7.5 Boma Green Frame Colour - P-GFC-1
* 1 x Joystick Basic - P-JSB-1
* 1 x Boma Mounting Actuator - P-MJA-1
* 1 x Joystick Steering - P-JSS-7.5
* 1 x Boma Day Bag and Stick Carrier - P-DBC-1
* 1 x Sporran - Boma On the Road Tool Kit and Pouch - P-BTKP-1

Boma Joystick Centre or Organisation Bundle Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): null
¥ Length (cm): null
¥ Width (cm): null
¥ Height (cm): null
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Boma Joystick Centre or Organisation Bundle is part of these ranges: 1.4-Trunk and Postural Support-TPS 1.9-Mechanical Movement-MCM

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