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Watersports and Paddlesports Bundle - BUN-WSPP-3

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The Watersports and Paddlesports Bundle is a selection of equipment for centre or organisation use, which enables inclusive water based activities at the beginner to intermediate level to be engaged in safely and effectively.


The Watersports and Paddlesports Bundle has been compiled to support centres with water facilities and organisations whose aim is to maximise their level of inclusion.Equipment selection from this bundle enablesindividuals with differing mobility, functional and personal needs to be accommodated, and a variety of activity opportunities to be undertaken, such as open canoeing or kayaking.The bundle enables: \- Individuals who require assistance with hand or arm function to grip or hold paddles \- Individuals with the use of only one arm to use single arm paddling devices \- Individuals who require assistance with sitting balance, such as those with spinal cord injuries or unbalanced body shapes, to achieve this by using postural supports and pads to maintain an active paddlingposition \- Individuals with complex body shapes to maintain comfort and dignity whilst enjoying a more experiential or sensory form of participation \- Communication to be supported between individuals and instructors \- Equipment to be stored in a way that is convenient and accessible.


Watersports and Paddlesports Bundle Pack Contents:

- 2 x Caterpillar - P-CAT-4
- 1 x Cosy Toes Foot Support (M-L) - P-COS-2-M-L
- 1 x Aquabac-Adult - P-AQB-2.5-ADULT
- 1 x Aquabac-Youth - P-AQB-1-YOUTH
- 2 x Aquabac Tie Down System - P-ATD-1
- 1 x Armadillo-Adult - P-ARD-2-ADULT
- 2 x Beetle Pads - P-BEE-1
- 2 x Seat II - P-SEA-2
- 1 x Stump Angels - P-STU-2-ST
- 1 x Cosy Toes Foot Support (S-M) - P-COS-2-S-M
- 1 x Armadillo-Youth - P-ARD-1-YOUTH
- 2 x Fish Paddle Retainer - P-FPR-3
- 2 x Fist-Adult - P-FST-3-ADULT
- 2 x Flying Fish - P-FLY-1
- 2 x Lizard Tail Paddle Attachment - P-LIZ-2
- 4 x Paddle Wraps - P-PAD-2
- 2 x Pond Skaters - P-PON-1
- 2 x Fist-Youth - P-FST-3-YOUTH
- 2 x Aquabac Spray Deck - P-AQS-1
- 1 x Fish Leg Loops - P-FIS-2
- 2 x Trolley (Single) - P-TROS-2
- 3 x Spinnaker Tell Tale Sail - P-THS-1
- 2 x Kangaroo Bundle Bag - P-KAN-2
- 4 x Pack Horse Single - P-PHS-2

Watersports and Paddlesports Bundle Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): null
¥ Length (cm): null
¥ Width (cm): null
¥ Height (cm): null
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


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