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Equal Adventure is pleased to provide you with its unique and simple product purchase system for adaptive outdoor adventure equipment. Equal Adventure has taken the workout of the purchasing process for you, by grouping together activity specific equipment so that you can make all important savings in your budget and your time.

If you are fundraising for equipment and training, bundles are a great place to start and consider as they provide you with a fantastic selection of pieces of equipment and storage, ideal to start your adventure into an area of activity or sport. All the equipment is designed to support inclusive activities within the chosen activity or sport and is to assist individuals and groups participate and develop their inclusive performance in a safe and effective way.

Every piece of equipment has been designed and made with passion. 

Passion for the outdoors and passion for everyone to experience all the outdoors has to offer in a safe and fun way.

Each bundle contains equipment that when combined together creates a complete solution, not only for your practice, but also for your purse. If you do not require a whole mega bundle, then we would be pleased to help you design your own solution.

We hope you love what we do as much as we do.