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EA Storage, Packaging and Information

EA Cyclops Storage System

The EA Storage and Information Bundle has been designed to maximise the use of your resources, ensuring that you are able to work inclusively and efficient. The Cyclops Storage and information system helps users to ingrain their learning and promotes a positive functional and holistic view of disability as it uses the same language, iconography and coding system to the EA TrainingUsing the EA storage and information system will save you money and allow all staff to access the equipment they need when they need it, whist at the same time helping them to focus on all of the main issues rather than focussing on the whole picture whilst at the same time being able to deal with detailed issues.

Equal Adventure’s Cyclops Storage System has been designed to ensure you see and can access your kit with ease. The system consists of:

  • The Trojan Horse
  • Tell Tale Sails
  • Tell Tales (72)
The Cyclops is designed to house EA Bundles which are supplied with their own:
    • Pack Horse System
    Each piece of equipment is supplied with:

    • EA Tuff Stuff Sac
    • Tell Tale Label x 2 
      • so that you can check the contents before during and after use and also retain a copy as a spare and for your inventory records.

    The Cyclops System Elements

    Trojan Horse

    The Trojan Horse is a robust, portable rail, fitted with a storage shelf and vinyl sails set within the rail. On one side, the internal sail provides information on the categories of equipment and how these relate to training along with a user map to help individuals identify who they are and how they might best use the products and the training. On the other side, the sail is an EA Tell Tale panel with A5 pockets. The pockets can be filled with bundle labels, category labels etc, depending on the target audience or activity.NOTE this product is available assembled or flat pack.

    Tell Tale Sail

    The pocketed vinyl Tell Tale Sail provides a versatile information storage system that can be used in conjunction with the Trojan Horse for presentations and displays, or alongside the pack horse to illustrate what products are being stored. Tell Tale Sails are available in a range of sizes, both landscape and portrait.

    Pack Horse Hanging System

    The Pack Horse is a versatile, hanging storage system for bagged products. Each Pack Horse provides multiple clip-in points and comes with a selection of hanging tags that enable products to be grouped by categories or activity, creating a system that can be tailored to your storage needs.

    EA Tuff Stuff Sacs

    Individually labelled storage sacks for all EA kit. Each sack has a hanging point and has been designed to be used with the Pack Horse System.

    Tell Tales

    A Tell Tale label is a tough, water resistant information resource which ensures that you are able to identify the equipment and all its parts. The Tell Tale also lets you know which category the piece of equipment belongs to and, if you need any spares, the Tell Tale also gives you the SKU code so that you can quickly re-order.

    Bundle Posters

    Branded to your organisation’s standard EA Bundle Posters provide you with a visual representation of the equipment, presenting a picture, list of contents and description, using the language promoted within EA’s training. These allow you to celebrate your ability to be inclusive and resource the dreams of both disabled and non-disabled people in outdoor adventure and active lifestyles.

    Bundle Pop Ups

    Advertise your capacity to be inclusive with a range of personalised, robust pop up banners in your livery.