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Sensory Bundle - BUN-SEN-1

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The Sensory Bundle is a selection of equipment for centre or organisation use which enables inclusive communication and learning.


The Sensory Bundle has been compiled to support centres and organisations whose aim is to maximise their level of inclusion through a focus on communication between participants and instructors, to create a sense-able and engaging indoor or outdoor environment. The Sensory Bundle allows information, especially relating to spatial awareness, to be communicated more accurately. It reduces the cognitive load on participants by controlling the transfer of accessible information and meeting their visual, kinaesthetic and/or tactile communication preferences. The bundle enables: * Visual, kinaesthetic and/or tactile communication to be supported and/or promoted between individuals * A range of tactile targets to be set out to engage participants into activities * Participants to set their own targets in a range of environments * Equipment to be stored in a way that is convenient and accessible.


Sensory Bundle Pack Contents:

* 2 x Stuck-on-Coaching - P-SOC-1
* 2 x Wrap-on-Coaching - P-WRA-1
* 1 x Tarp - P-TAR-1
* 1 x Adder Ladder Sensory Kit - P-SEN-1
* 1 x Rattle Snake Sensory Kit - P-RAT-2-6M
* 1 x Lazer Pointer - P-LAP-1
* 2 x Glow Worm Sensory Markers - P-GLW-1
* 2 x Sensory Shapes A - P-SSA-1
* 2 x Sensory Shapes B - P-SSB-1
* 4 x Sensory Anchors System - P-SAS-1
* 1 x Kangaroo Bundle Bag - P-KAN-2
* 2 x Pack Horse Single - P-PHS-2
* 1 x Spinnaker Tell Tale Sail - P-THS-1

Sensory Bundle Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): null
¥ Length (cm): null
¥ Width (cm): null
¥ Height (cm): null
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Sensory Bundle is part of these ranges: 3.1 - EA Outdoor Bundle - null

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