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Archery Torso Release - P-ATR-1

£576.00 (Inc VAT)

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Price Excluding VAT: £480.00

An anchor system for the sting of a bow in Archery that allows the archer to shoot from the Torso in either a seated or stood position, without placing any force on the shoulder of the string side of the Archer.


A modular strapping and padding system that can be used in Archery to support the needs of archers with injuries to their shoulder on the string side. The Torso Release can be used without placing any pressure on the shoulder, it may require additional sighting on the bow and additional coaching.


Archery Torso Release Pack Contents:

Elbow Release System (M):
- 1 x Shoulder Holster Left (M)
- 1 x Shoulder Holster Right (M)

Fox Face Wrist Trigger Release:
- 1 x Soft Finger Trigger
- 2 x 4mm Standard Oval Maillon
- 1 x Fox Face Protection Pad
- 1 x Tru Ball Stinger Wrist Release
- 1 x Fox Face Cover

Torso Wrap:
- 1 x Under Arm Cover
- 2 x Breast Plate Stiffening
- 2 x Breast Plate Padding
- 1 x Breast Plate (Red)
- 1 x Breast Plate (Green)
- 1 x Under Arm Foam Insert
- 1 x Centre Stiffener
- 2 x Side Stiffener Torso

Torso Wrap Anchor:
- 1 x Torso Anchor Belt
- 1 x Release Connector
- 1 x Release Anchor
- 1 x 5mm Delta Maillon
- 1 x Shoulder Strap

1 x LS Tuff Stuff Sac 3.0 (Green Cord)
1 x SS Tuff Stuff Sac 3.0 (Green Cord)

Archery Torso Release Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 1.3
¥ Length (cm): 47
¥ Width (cm): 42
¥ Height (cm): 14
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Archery Torso Release is part of the Hand and Arm Function range and is included in the following bundles:

Commonly Used With the Archery Torso Release In Climbing and High Ropes Activities:

Commonly Used With the Archery Torso Release In Information & Storage:

Commonly Used With the Archery Torso Release In Water Based Activities:

Commonly Used With the Archery Torso Release In Archery:
Fist (Adult) - P-FST-3-ADULT, Lizard Tail Paddle Attachment - P-LIZ-2, Paddle Wraps - P-PAD-2, Fox Paw Wrist Release - P-AWR-1, Archery Stand - P-AST-1, Penguin Elbow/Wrist Release (S) - P-FWR-1-S, Gorilla Shoulder Release (L) - P-ASW-2-L

Archery Torso Release Warnings & Conformities:

Archery Torso Release Product Type:
The Archery Torso Release is a Type 3 product where misuse may involve risks that may cause very serious consequences such as death or irreversible damage to health. PPE designed to protect against mortal danger or against dangers that may seriously or irreversibly harm health, the immediate effects of which the designer assumes the user cannot identify in sufficient time. This is defined by the standard(s) .

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