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Image of Boma Joystick 7.5 Electrical System

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Boma Joystick 7.5 Electrical System - P-JSE-7.5

£5,939.09 (Inc VAT)

Please note that the above price is including VAT.

Price Excluding VAT: £4949.24

The electrical box that controls the Joystick Boma can be easily plugged in/out should repair be required.


Boma Handlebar and Boma Joystick feature the same chassis, drive, basic seating and accessories/options. Both are designed to be easily accessible, easy to use, extremely capable and to provide a riding experience unlike anything else. Boma's steel tube chassis, all-round suspension, powerful drive axle and low centre of gravity make it extremely capable and stable off-road. Designed for easy access for wheelchair/seated position as well as from standing position; the front wheel of the Boma can be swung out of the way, allowing extra space to draw your wheelchair in the transfer. Standard seating is a heavily padded and adjustable nylon upholstery backrest with lap safety belt which must be in place for the Boma to operate. The joystick steering system is extremely intuitive and gives you a sense of being involved in the ride; this isnÕt any normal powered wheelchair.


Boma Joystick 7.5 Electrical System Pack Contents:

- 1 x Steering Actuator System (Boma 7)
- 1 x Actuator To Enclosure Box Cables
- 1 x Potentiometer To Enclosure Box Cables

Joy Stick Control system:
- 1 x Joy Stick Enclosure Box
- 3 x Universal Carrier Mount 7.56
- 1 x Fabric Universal Carrier 7.56
- 1 x S Drive Anchor 7.56
- 6 x Cable Strap Red
- 2 x Universal Carrier Mount Padding

Boma Joystick 7.5 Electrical System Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): null
¥ Length (cm): null
¥ Width (cm): null
¥ Height (cm): null
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Boma Joystick 7.5 Electrical System is part of these ranges: 1.92 - Electrics System (Mechanical Movement) - MCM

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