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Kite 2.5 Hip Belt - P-HPB-1

£90.00 (Inc VAT)

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Price Excluding VAT: £75.00

The Kite 2.5 Hip Belt is used with the Kite 2.0 and above to help keep the climber's hips tucked into the body of the harness. This is especially useful for climbers with 'extensive' postures who tend to bowstring while climbing or hanging around.


Developed to help climbers maintain control of their hips and therefore their posture, the Kite 2.5 Hip Belt provides a modular adjustable system that makes it possible to support a more upright posture, and helps to resist the bowstringing movement that a spasm may cause.


Kite 2.5 Hip Belt Pack Contents:

Hip Support:
- 1 x Tensioning Strap Male
- 1 x Tensioning Strap Female
- 1 x Kite Hip Restraint Anchor

1 x SS Tuff Stuff Sac 3.0 (Green Cord)

Kite 2.5 Hip Belt Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 0.25
¥ Length (cm): 24
¥ Width (cm): 24
¥ Height (cm): 10
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Kite 2.5 Hip Belt is part of the Trunk and Postural Support range and is included in the following bundles:
High Ropes, Climbing

Commonly Used With the Kite 2.5 Hip Belt In Climbing and High Ropes Activities:

Kite 3.0 (M) - P-KIT-3.0-M, Kite 3.0 (XL) - P-KIT-3.0-XL, Kite 3.0 (L) - P-KIT-3.0-L

Commonly Used With the Kite 2.5 Hip Belt In Information & Storage:

Commonly Used With the Kite 2.5 Hip Belt In Water Based Activities:

Commonly Used With the Kite 2.5 Hip Belt In Archery:

Kite 2.5 Hip Belt Warnings & Conformities:

Kite 2.5 Hip Belt Product Type:
The Kite 2.5 Hip Belt is a Type 2 product where misuse may cause discomfort or loss of dignity. This is defined by the standard(s) EA Standard - Trunk and Postural Support.

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