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Kite 3.0 (L) - P-KIT-3.0-L

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The Kite 3.0 is an adjustable full body harness, certified as class III PPE offering security from falling from height in rope based activities. It provides leg and trunk postural support in a range of positions from seated upright to reclined. Available in three sizes: M, L, XL.


The Kite 3.0 is an adjustable full body harness designed and made in the UK. The Kite has been designed to provide a single harness solution for safe and comfortable postural support for all users, including individuals with limited sitting balance, whilst performing in rope based activities such as abseiling, rope climbing, high ropes courses and zip wires. Fitted from either standing, sitting, or lying down, the Kite 3.0 provides postural and positioning support by attaching to an appropriate anchor system using a combination of certified mountaineering and caving slings and connectors. Coloured straps, tactile material differences and physical sizes and shape differences have been incorporated into the Kite's design aiming to support identification and aid the communication between the coach and performer during fitting and use. The Kite has been designed and tested to the BS EN 361:2002 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height Ñ Full body harness, BS EN 12277:2015 Mountaineering equipment - full body harness type A, and it also conforms to the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (Regulation (EU) 2016/425 as brought into UK law and amended). Although tested as a full body harness within a fall arrest system the manufacturer strongly discourages its use within activities which may expose the user to a fall arrest such as lead climbing. This product should only be used by trained and/or otherwise competent persons or the user should be under the direct supervision of a trained and/or otherwise competent person.


Kite 3.0 (L) Pack Contents:

Standard Base Insert (L):
- 1 x Base Stiffener (L)
- 1 x Comfort Pad (L)
- 1 x Seat Pad (L)
- 1 x Under-Thigh Roll (L)
- 1 x Red Seat Cover (L)

Standard Back Insert (L):
- 1 x Back Stiffener (L)
- 1 x Black Back Cover (L)
- 1 x Back Pad (L)
- 1 x Lumbar Roll (L)

Kite 3.0 Harness (L):
- 1 x Kite 3.0 Body (L)
- 1 x Kite 3.0 Chest Band (L)

1 x XXLS Tuff Stuff Sac 3.0 (Green Cord)

Kite 3.0 (L) Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 5.7
¥ Length (cm): 55
¥ Width (cm): 46
¥ Height (cm): 18
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Kite 3.0 (L) is part of the Trunk and Postural Support range and is included in the following bundles:
High Ropes, Climbing

Commonly Used With the Kite 3.0 (L) In Climbing and High Ropes Activities:

Glow Worm Sensory Markers - P-GLW-1, Armadillo (Adult) - P-ARD-2-ADULT, Rattle Snake Sensory Kit - P-RAT-2-6M, Climbing Bag of Tricks - P-CBT-2, Mango Sling (L) - P-MSL-2-L, Mango Sling (M) - P-MSL-2-M, Mango Assist Handles - P-MAA-2, Climbing Bar - Drop Hand - P-CBB-4DH, Climbing Bar - Single Hand - P-CBB-4SH, Climbing Bar - Standard - P-CBB-4.5, Sensory Shapes A - P-SSA-1, Sensory Shapes B - P-SSB-1, Kite 2.5 Hip Belt - P-HPB-1, Caterpillar - P-CAT-4, Cosy Toes Foot Support (S-M) - P-COS-2-5-S-M, Cosy Toes Foot Support (M-L) - P-COS-2-5-M-L

Commonly Used With the Kite 3.0 (L) In Information & Storage:

Commonly Used With the Kite 3.0 (L) In Water Based Activities:

Commonly Used With the Kite 3.0 (L) In Archery:

Kite 3.0 (L) Warnings & Conformities:
Allergy, Medical, Circulation, Skin Care, Posture, Movement, Fit, Suspension or Prolonged Use, Consent, Personal, Entrapment, Loading, System, PPE, Wear and Tear

Kite 3.0 (L) Product Type:
The Kite 3.0 is a Type 3 product where Misuse may involve risks that may cause very serious consequences such as death or irreversible damage to health. Equipment designed to protect against mortal danger or against dangers that may seriously or irreversibly harm health. This is defined by the standard(s) BS EN 361-2002 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Full body harnesses and BS EN 12277-2015+A1:2018 Mountaineering equipment. Harnesses. Safety requirements and test methods.

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