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Sensory Shapes B - P-SSB-1

£100.80 (Inc VAT)

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Sensory Shapes B is a pack of fabric sensory shapes that are used in the play and climbing environment to add signifiers, guides and tags in the environment.


Sensory Shapes B are double sided sensory shapes that can be used with the EA communication and sensory learning range to enhance outdoor learning environments, climbing walls and play areas.


Sensory Shapes B Pack Contents:

Shape 6 to 10:
- 1 x Six Sided Shape
- 1 x Seven Sided Shape
- 1 x Eight Sided Shape
- 1 x Nine Sided Shape
- 1 x Ten Sided Shape

1 x MS Tuff Stuff Sac 3.0 (Blue Cord)

Sensory Shapes B Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 0.3
¥ Length (cm): 25
¥ Width (cm): 25
¥ Height (cm): 5
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Sensory Shapes B is part of the Communication and Sensory Learning Aids range and is included in the following bundles:

Commonly Used With the Sensory Shapes B In Climbing and High Ropes Activities:

Sensory Bundle - BUN-SEN-1

Commonly Used With the Sensory Shapes B In Information & Storage:

Commonly Used With the Sensory Shapes B In Water Based Activities:

Commonly Used With the Sensory Shapes B In Archery:

Sensory Shapes B Warnings & Conformities:

Sensory Shapes B Product Type:
The Sensory Shapes B is a Type 2 product where misuse may cause discomfort or loss of dignity. This is defined by the standard(s) EA Standard - Communications and Sensory Learning Aids.

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