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Tarka Apron (M) - P-TKA-1-M

£74.40 (Inc VAT)

Please note that the above price is including VAT.

Price Excluding VAT: £62.00

An eaisily stowable waterproof apron for seated wheelchair user, for use on its own or with other EA outdoor active clothing




Tarka Apron (M) Pack Contents:

- 1 x Tarka_Apron_(M)
- 1 x Tarka_Apron_Strap_(M)

No Bag Required

Tarka Apron (M) Dimension Information:
¥ Size Guide: Waist 32" - 34"
¥ Packed Weight (kg): null
¥ Length (cm): null
¥ Width (cm): null
¥ Height (cm): null
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Tarka Apron (M) is part of these ranges: null

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