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Tarka Poncho (M) - P-TKP-1-M

£154.20 (Inc VAT)

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The Tarka Poncho is a robust waterproof top, purposefully designed for people with a range of functional abilities and communication preferences who are seated for all or some of their activities.


The Tarka Poncho is a robust, highly adjustable waterproof top with a number of features to support a range of users, but particularly those who will be seated for all or some of their activities. The fabric choice, the cut of the fabric and the unique adjusting system ensures that comfort and ease of use are maintained in the outdoor environment. Features: * Wide opening for easy fitting. Velcro tabs to ensure can be fitted snugly around waist * Space for throw in arms * Adjustable cuffs with velcro tabs * All left and right velcro tabs are identifiable by colour and shape. * Adjustable hood; drawstring , pull back velcro tab at rear, adjustable to fit over helmet * Fabric cut to be longer at back and shorter at front * Velcro neck opening with low gusset for waterproofness and ventilation * No seam on shoulder for improved robustness and waterproofness, and to prevent rubbing when carrying rucksack. The standard design can be adapted to individual/group needs by your prior enquiry and arrangement. The Tarka Poncho comes in S, M, L sizes.


Tarka Poncho (M) Pack Contents:

Tarka poncho (M):
- 1 x Tarka Poncho (M)

No Bag Required

Tarka Poncho (M) Dimension Information:
¥ Size Guide: 40" - 42"
¥ Packed Weight (kg): 0.5
¥ Length (cm): 75
¥ Width (cm): 45
¥ Height (cm): 7
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Tarka Poncho (M) is part of these ranges: 1.6 - Personal Experience - PEX

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