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Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) - P-TROJ-1

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The Trojan Horse is a powder-coated, steel frame used for organising and storing Equal Adventure's kit. With swivelling rubber wheels at each corner, the Trojan Horse is robust and very mobile.


The Trojan Horse is a robust, 32 mm diameter, powder-coated steel frame that comes flat-packed, but which is easily bolted together to provide centres with the means of organising and storing their Equal Adventure kit. The 100 mm diameter, rubber-tyres wheels swivel freely and allow for easy movement. When combined with Equal Adventure's Tell Tale Sails, the Trojan Horse is transformed into an aide-memoir, allowing users visual access to all the product labels of the stored kit. With the addition of the Pack Horse Headers and Clips, users now have a simple means of hanging their Equal Adventure equipment. The use of the colour-coding system, seen in the categorisation of all Equal Adventure's kit, allows for easy identification and well organised storage. This can be used to aid inventory management or to aid independent equipment selection and choice on an activity session with participants whose communication benefits from visual prompts.


Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) Pack Contents:

Trojan Horse Tool Set:
- 1 x MS Tuff Stuff Sac 3.0 (White Cord)
- 1 x 13mm Spanner for Frame Connection Bolts
- 1 x 24mm Combination Spanner for Cross Bar Bolt

Trojan Horse Frame - Ready Assembled:
- 1 x Tell Tale Label Trojan Horse 1.0 - Ready Assembled (Inc CAP)

Trojan Horse Dressing:
- 1 x Trojan Horse Topspan Floor
- 2 x Two Piece Bumper

Trojan Horse - Side Assembly:
- 4 x Trojan Horse Upright
- 1 x Powder Coating

Trojan Horse - Cross Bar Connection Assembly:
- 6 x Trojan Horse Cross bar

Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 36
¥ Length (cm): 150
¥ Width (cm): 72
¥ Height (cm): 169
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) is part of the Storage and Information range and is included in the following bundles:

Commonly Used With the Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) In Climbing and High Ropes Activities:

Commonly Used With the Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) In Information & Storage:
Main Tell Tale Sail - P-THM-1, Spinnaker Tell Tale Sail - P-THS-1, Pack Horse Single - P-PHS-2, Tuff Stuff Sac 4.0 - P-TSC-4

Commonly Used With the Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) In Water Based Activities:

Commonly Used With the Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) In Archery:

Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) Warnings & Conformities:

Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) Product Type:
The Trojan Horse (Ready Assembled) is a Type 1 product where misuse may reduce control and communication. This is defined by the standard(s) EA Storage Standard.

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