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Image of Boma 7 Plus Shark Kill Switch

EA All Terrain

Boma 7 Plus Shark Kill Switch - P-SKS-1

£202.20 (Inc VAT)

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Price Excluding VAT: £168.50

A cord attached to the back of the Boma, held via a soft wrist strap by an attendant. When pulled stops the Boma.


Its an emergency stop that brings the Boma joystick or handlebar to a stop by disconnecting the power to the Boma. Used by third party being at the side or at the back of the Boma. It is easily mounted to top of the hoop and connects to the control system which can be carried by trained individuals. Its got a hoop mount, easy plugin electrical connector, wrist loop for third party user and kill cord. This kill switch is used to increase the safety and control for Boma riders who need support in controlling their Boma. Designed to be EA Mobility standard.


Boma 7 Plus Shark Kill Switch Pack Contents:

Shark Kill Switch:
- 1 x Kill Switch
- 1 x Wrist Strap
- 1 x 4mm Standard Oval Maillon
- 1 x Cable Strap Red

Boma 7 Plus Shark Kill Switch Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 0.25
¥ Length (cm): 20
¥ Width (cm): 15
¥ Height (cm): 10
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Boma 7 Plus Shark Kill Switch is part of these ranges: 1.61 - Boma Control Options - PEX

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