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EA All Terrain

Joystick Basic - P-JSB-1

£466.20 (Inc VAT)

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Price Excluding VAT: £388.50

Joystick basic is the joystick control.


Standard joystick to use with Boma 7.75 electric system to use on Boma 7+. The joystick is used to control speed and direction. If this variation does not work with your hand and arm function contact EA for support and advice for the most appropriate joystick control and armrest combination for your needs. Can be fitted by trained individuals in the EA workshop and is attached to the EA Boma & armrest. Use this to control with just the touch of your fingers. Hand and arm Function.


Joystick Basic Pack Contents:

- 1 x JSM-LED-L Joystick (R-Net)
- 1 x JSM-LED-L Joystick Cable
- 2 x Cable Strap Red

Joystick Basic Dimension Information:

¥ Packed Weight (kg): 0.35
¥ Length (cm): 25
¥ Width (cm): 15
¥ Height (cm): 15
¥ Maximum Weight Limit (kg): null


The Joystick Basic is part of these ranges: 1.61 - Boma Control Options - PEX

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